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Full-stack development features can include:
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Responsive Design

More users are browsing the web on mobile devices than ever. Websites should provide a beautiful and functional experience whether the user is browsing on an extra large desktop, a small mobile phone or any sized tablet or "phablet" inbetween.

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Performance Optimized

You only get 1 first impression, and a users first visit to your page serves that purpose. Load times can make or break a website or app. Slow load times can cause a user leave a site before your message gets delivered, never to return again. Don't miss out on business because of a clunky web experience.

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Search Engine Friendly

Content is king. That hasn't changed. But search engines also like quality websites. That often means, responsive and mobile friendly, with clean and semantic HTML and fast load times. Complement your SEO campaign with by serving your content in an optimized way.


About the Developer

I'm a fullstack web developer and code enthusiast. I love to learn about new languages, frameworks and tools and love to pass on my knowledge to those interested in learning. I volunteer my time and efforts with The Odin Project, an opensource webdev curriculum, helping to plan and maintain the project as well as helping users in the chat.

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